About Us

MediaLED offers you LED screen rental and advertising services. Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology ensures unsurpassed picture brightness and clarity across a variety of weather and light level conditions. Low power consumption, high intensity and exceptional image clarity makes LED the ideal choice for a variety of indoor and outdoor events such as sporting events, corporate communications, product launches, government events and television game shows amongst others. 

We are based in East London with branches in Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein as well as Gauteng making LED screen rental accessible and affordable countrywide.

We offer additional services to clients by incorporating advertising revenue as an add-on service. This service brings an opportunity to clients who do not have the budget to pay for LED Screens for events by:

Seeking out potential sponsors.
Selling ad packages
Displaying adverts before, after, and between acts.

Depending on the event and demographics this can offer an opportunity to offset part and in some cases all screen costs for the event.  Modular LED panel systems can be assembled into customizable large-scale screens to suit a variety of applications.

'MediaLED has all your LED screen requirements and maintenance under one roof so give us a call or simply email us for a tailor made quote to suit all your requirements.'